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69 people (55 developers, 14 thanks)

Hasbro Interactive

ProducerRichard Blewett
DesignerDavid Walls
Executive ProducerMichael S. Glosecki
Product ManagerJoe Gammal
PresidentThomas Dusenberry
VP of MarketingGary Carlin
VP of Research and DevelopmentTony Parks
Associate VP of Product DevelopmentKevin Gillespie
Director of MarketingGail L. Steiner
Creative DirectorJohn Sutyak
Creative ServicesSteve Webster, Jennifer Brackett, Elizabeth Mackney
Manager of Inventor RelationsLee McLaughlin
Director of Quality AssuranceMichael Craighead
Quality AssuranceTimothy Burpee, Jeff Kingston, Mark Huggins
Additional StoryboardingRichard Blewett, Todd Hartwig, Dean Baker, Evzen Holas, David Walls, Jules Marino, Julie Eggeringhans
Special ThanksDana Henry, Kimberly Hannaway, David Cronin, Tony Moreira, Whitney Grimm, Tracy Kureta, Denise Wiley, Will Chase, Scott Pearson, David Pokorny

Third-i Productions

PresidentTim Mensch
Lead ProgrammerTim Mensch
ProducerTodd Hartwig
ProgrammingSteven Pearson, Tom Mensch
Voice ActingJ. S. Gilbert (Red), Maggie Britton (Blue), George McRae (Yellow), Erik Bergmann (Green)
Script WritingR. J. Owens (Red), Christie Ward (Blue), Michael Pulliam (Yellow), Erik Bergmann (Green)
Storyboarding by Midnight Design PresidentJohn Williams
ArtistsDean Gustafson, David Kohara
Audio-Post Facility - Focused Audio: Sound and Music Production Supervisor and Recording EngineerJeffrey Roth
Sound EditorsPaul Scriver, Olfert Kempff
Music CompositionMichael Bierylo, Virtual Planet, J. D. Reilly, Hank Smith Music, Paul Scriver, Gary Rowe
Special Thanks ToChris Perry, Daniel Filner, Benjamin James, Lani Minella

Mondo Media

ProducerMelissa Kangeter
Art DirectorDean MacDonald
Artists/AnimatorsMat Smiley, Richard Fong, Kelley A. Lamsens, Art Matsuura, Robert Jeffrey, Cindy Harrison, David Horowitz, Luis Castro, Elizabeth Kanner

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Credits for this game were contributed by Riamus (8519)