South Park: Chef's Luv Shack Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Chef's opening number from his "Luv Shack" game show.
Select the number of rounds for the game. More rounds means a better chance of crashing before you finish.
Despite an abundance of unused keys, you have to own game pads if you want to play with more than two players.
Selecting a category in the "game show" which could be subtitled "You wish you knew Jack".
A typical question in the "lesbian role models" category.
Periodically, the trivia is interrupted by one of 20 randomly selected mini games.
Sometimes the rules explain the mini games.
Most mini games are brief parodies of 80's arcade games.
Want to practice on a specific mini game? Tough. There's no way to play them without slogging through the trivia and getting the right one on the random selection.
After ten attempts, I managed to complete a two round game without a crash to the desktop. Yay!