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Space Bunnies Must Die! Credits (Windows)

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Space Bunnies Must Die! Credits


DirectorPhill Simon
Written byVincent Carrella
DesignVincent Carrella, Phill Simon
ProducerAlex Louie
Co‑ProducerVincent Carrella, Phill Simon
Art DirectorJonny Belt
Animation and Technical DirectorDann Tarmy
Music / Sound ManagerBill Preder
Lead Level DesignDavid Wehr
Lead EngineerThomas Schenck
Level DesignSam Kolb
Additional Level DesignAlex Louie, Dann Tarmy
Texture Art & DesignClaudia Candia
Additional Texture ArtTully Straub
ProgrammingChuck Blanchard, David Eader, Young Harvill, Kevin Malakoff, Les Watts
A.I. ProgrammingLes Watts
Level BuilderJoe Salud
Quality AssuranceCalvin Rien
Ambient MusicPeter Stone
Animation and Character DesignAaron Malmsheimer
VoiceoversMolly Harvey (as Allison and Jocelyn)
Motion Capture ModelJesse Nelson
Opening/Closing SequencesJake Barlow, Lawrence Chandler, Drew Huffman, Phill Simon, Dann Tarmy
LyricsVincent Carrella
Sung ByMolly Harvey
Character Design and AnimationBrad Schiff
Conceptual DesignEdward Artanian, Jake Barlow, Rhode Montijo
PlaytestingJon‑Jon , Alex Harvill, Gene Sprague

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