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Space Bunnies Must Die! Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Allison's truck stop doubles as the main menu.
Allison is driving her sister home in the opening animation...
... when alien bunnies decide to kidnap her thus starting the game.
You can tell Allison apart from Lara Croft because Allison has twice as many hair protrusions.
The first level has a tutorial stage that teaches you the basic controls.
As can be inferred from the title, space bunnies will be shot.
Allison likes to dance. When she dances, the bunnies are compelled to dance with her.
Allison's guns never change, just the type of ammunition she uses.
Green glowing "zombie juice" and Allison drinks it for health. Clearly, she never saw Re-animator.
Each level has a jukebox and a CD which when combined will pacify a mutant animal so that Allison can ride it to retrieve the scepter she needs to collect. Make sense? Good.
One of the aforementioned mutants in need of pacification.
"Save Beacons" suck you in and prolong gameplay by making you restart every jumping puzzle from the beginning when you die.
What good is a heroine who won't play dress-up? Wait, I'm sorry, these aren't costumes, they're different kinds of "armor".
The sweet release of death comes with a variety of graphic animations.
"Are there lava jumping puzzles? It just wouldn't be right without lava jumping puzzles."
Each level has a special song and dance move. Despite appearances, the song for this level is not "Walk like an Egyptian".
After SBMD went gold, most of the extras were unable to find employment in the industry. Forced to live on the street, they soon became just another statistic in the unforgiving world that is computer gaming.