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Space Hack Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu.
The start location. You obtain the main goal of the game here by speaking to the guy in red.
There is no character creation in Space Hack, you won't be able to modify these stats until your first level up.
You can only talk or interact with people/things that have this thought bubble over their heads...
This is the medic. You can get healing for free here, which is invaluable considering the amount of enemies you'll be plowing through.
Talking with an NPC.
You can activate a map to help you navigate through the level.
One of the stores. You can purchase, repair and identify equipment here.
Combat can get fairly repetitive after a while. If you need to get away quickly you can hit the "run" button, although you'll grow fatigued if you run for too long.
This screen is self explanatory...
As you progress through the game the levels will (very) slowly change in appearance.
Here's the in-game map. It's a translucent map but it's quite informative in that it will point out to you where key objects are.
Occasionally the game accidentally offers a vista, otherwise the viewpoint is quite limited and could really benefit from a camera that does more than just rotate.
If your weapon has the reach you can sometimes shoot at different levels.
Some maps have partially submerged areas.
Arriving via teleporter.
Another biosphere has a wintery theme.
While a different biosphere has a foresty look to it.
The claustrophobic hallways leading to the motherpod.
Fighting a boss.
What are these sleep pods for?
Inside the motherpod.
The cockpit of the giant ship.
The view out there.

Official Screenshots

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