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Space Invaders: Anniversary Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Language selection
Empire Interactive logo
Main Title
Choose any game as if you are browsing the arcade
Space Invaders monochrome version
Monochrome - Game play
Monochrome - A flying saucer flies across the screen
Monochrome - Ship killed
Cellophane version
Upright version
Look at the pretty background
Part II - Title
Part II - Game play
Doubles - Title
Doubles - Game play
3D - Title
3D - Well, duh!
3D - Game play
3D - Firing laser
3D - An invader shoots an arrow at the player
3D - One of the invaders launched a fireball
3D - A flying saucer approaches
3D - Shadow ship
3D - Several invaders get too close
VS - Title
VS - Game play
VS - A flying saucer flies past
VS - Battle Statistics
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