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Space Pilgrim: Episode II - Epsilon Indi Credits

35 people


Created byNoel Clay, using RPG Masker VX Ace


Futuristic Tiles[Copyright][C] 2012 Enterbrain Inc., Celianna (Artist)
Sci-fi Titles, Casino Tiles[Copyright][C] 2014 Enterbrain Inc., creator: Sherman3D
PVG Scifi Tiles[Copyright][C] 2015 Degica Co. Ltd., artist: PVGames
Modern Day Tiles[Copyright][C] 2012 Enterbrain Inc., Lunarea (Artist)
Always Sometimes Monsters Tiles[Copyright][C] 2014 Vagabond Dog, creator: Vagabond Dog, Luis Emilio Aceves Amaya (Creator)
Spaceship Graphics bySkorpio, Xavier4321, []
Planets byViktor Hahn (as Unnamed; [email protected])
Various Interior Graphics by Nicnubill (, Vibrato [], Flaming Teddy Productions []
Rocks and Mountains byIndrah, Alex Vu
Original Robot Sprites byPersonigo
Character Sprites created withSprite Creator 3 []


Futuristic Atmospheres[Copyright][C] 2013, Joel Steudler
Advent Chamber OrchestraWolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Laudate Dominum), Anton Dvořák (Serenade for Strings), Used under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0


Mouse Support thanks toShaz, Near Fantastica, SephirothSpawn, Amaranth Games, Lordosthyvel
Quest Journal Script byModern Algebra
Scene_Combine Script byefeberk

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (265751)