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Space Quest II: Roger Wilco in Vohaul's Revenge Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro that depicts what happened before.
The story
Title screen
Intro: TV show
On an enemy spaceship
Roger on duty at Xenon Orbital Station 4
Interface menu
In-game options
On the bridge: fired.
Travelling on a space station
Unexpected meeting on the space shuttle
After waking up ...
... Roger discovers he was in Vohaul's asteroid.
Change to a transport vehicle
Crash landing in the jungle
This little bunny looks suspiciously at those mushrooms.
The chase for a fugitive
Eaten by a giant brain
Is it profitable to set him free?
Mailbox and paralyzing puffballs
A swamp
Underwater caves
Back on dry land
Weird dream
Swinging on a rope over an abyss.
Entering a password
Undergroung journey
Labor Terror Beast
Enemy in sight
Starting shuttle
Into the jaws of the enemy
Hangar bay
Cartoon intro (1)
Cartoon intro (2)
There's a minigame here! - a beautiful remake of the early Sierra game "Troll's Tale".
Looking forward (or backward...) to Space Quest 3 - does it mean that Infamous Adventures are working on a remake of this one too?...