Space Quest IV.5: Roger Wilco And The Voyage Home Credits


Executive ProducerPeter Engel
ProducerPeter Engel
Creative DirectorPeter Engel
Game Design byPeter Engel
Art DesignerPeter Engel
Programming byPeter Engel
Music DirectorPeter Engel
Sounds byPeter Engel
Story & Dialogs byPeter Engel
Background Arts & AnimationsSierra On‑Line, Tsunami Media
Additional Arts & AnimationsPeter Engel
Parts of Monolith Burger Restaurant entrance screen from SQ III VGA Remake byKhaveen
"Music and You" (Beatrice's Theme) byPeter Engel
Original Space Quest Music bySierra On‑Line
Thanks to23-down [bugfixing and many very cool ideas to improve the game], danooct1 [bugfixing and rewriting of many dialogues], marko33, aussie, ...and many others who helped me make this game
Dedicated toPeter Engel Sr.
Copyright byWestend Studios [2007/2008]
Created with AGS byChris Jones

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