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Developed by
Provox Games
United States flag United States
Release Date
Jun, 2007
Developed by
Provox Games
Austria flag Austria, Germany flag Germany, Switzerland flag Switzerland
Release Date
Jul, 2007
Croatia flag Croatia
Release Date
Feb, 2008
Developed by
Provox Games
Distributed by
Valve Corporation
Worldwide flag Worldwide
Release Date
Jul 18, 2007
Steam release
Published by
Developed by
Provox Games
Russia flag Russia
Release Date
Nov 14, 2007
Patch History
Jul 25, 2007
version 1.1
  • fixed bug where resolution couldn't be changed
  • fixed joystick bug where thruster is turned on by default for all joysticks
  • fixed bug where the game freezes (all ships stay on one place)
  • fixed bug where player's shield suddenly becomes undefined
  • fixed bug with infinite motion blur
  • fixed problem with missing piece of time and cloak device in Andromeda and Pyxis map
  • fixed bug where an NPC always attacked the player if he was under attack by the player's wingman, now he always attacks his attacker
  • fixed menu bug where right mouse button executed wrong actions
  • fixed bug where return from hidden systems caused wrong data to be loaded for normal system maps (wrong system name, prices, ships etc)
  • fixed bug with inconsistency with upgrade prices (5-6 level) and now upgrade cost for every level can be edited from GlobalData.cfg
  • fixed PageUp and PageUp key bug (where always mapped to single hit)
Mar 10, 2008
German 1.2 patch hot fix
Mar 31, 2008
version 1.2
Includes the following individual patches:
  • US Patch (3.37MB)
  • UK Patch (3.37MB)
  • German Patch (3.39MB)
  • French Patch (3.39MB)
  • Spanish Patch (3.39MB)
  • Italian Patch (3.39MB)
  • Hungarian Patch (3.39MB)
  • Russian Patch (3.39MB).
Croatian releases must use the UK patch.

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