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SpacePod Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen. The game initially starts in a low resolution but this has been changed in-game and a new title screen shot has been taken on a restart
A scene from the animated introduction which sets the scene for the game. The game initially starts in a low resolution but this can be changed in-game
The game starts with the player in the spacepod. Ahead is the control to launch the game. To the right, shown here, are the game configuration controls. To the left is the game type selection control
The game starts when the player presses the Launch button. This triggers an animated launch sequence which deposits the pod in space
The first tutorial task, use the primary weapon to destroy a satellite. The map in the lower left shows approaching objects, the lower right is a ship status indicator
Some pods have been attached. There's a cannon and a solar cell to power it. Both of these are attached to a basic cargo pod
The first enemy craft. Got to get past this to continue
This is the end of the first enemy craft. A satisfying explosion but notice how the ship's shields have decreased.
This is very bad. The enemy ship is using its primary weapon on our pod. The damage means the pods that have been collected are lost and because the AI pilot is better they will collect them
The keyboard controls are configurable