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Spate Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Opening sequence
Newspaper articles about the Xzone
You arrive at the Xzone by boat.
This robot is the first NPC you meet.
A typical platforming section
Running over a bridge with the distorted effects of absinthe.
Jumping over rolling boulders.
You meet a giant creature.
The game often zooms out to give you a better view.
Visions of your daughter appear in the background.
A giant fish passes by.
The first time you get to use the cannon.
The arms of the device change after drinking.
Using your helicopter.
A single hit is fatal.
Be patient to pass.
A giant hand
Floating through the air using jump pads.
The head of the statue opens.
Passing through a cemetery.
Jumping through a skull.
Gliding down a long river section.
Another helicopter section, but more difficult.
The game has many strange creatures to talk to.
In a cave
In some parts the 2.5D elements make it difficult/challenging to see where you can jump.
Zoomed out view of a strange city
A platform section with windmills in the background
Drink too much absinthe and nothing will make sense.
More visions of your daughter
Dropping down from wooden structures.
A city with floating houses
Near the tower, the final part of the game
Puzzle section in the tower
Floating up.