Spec Ops: The Line Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen (Russian version)
Chapter select screen (Russian version)
2K Games presents (Russian version)
Intro (Russian version)
Left to right: Adams, Lugo, Walker (Russian version)
I can issue commands to my crew (Russian version)
A fire-fight. Mostly what you'll be doing in the game
Near-death condition
Intel found (Russian version)
This isn't a very protective cover (Russian version)
Shoot him down or let him go? Choices, choices...(Russian version)
Animated loading screen provide character insights or tactical info (Russian version)
Sawed-off shotgun action (Russian version)
Throwing a grenade (Russian version)
Leaving cover is not a very good idea
Dead! (Russian version)
The game is divided into chapters. Starting Chapter 5 (Russian version)
Sniping (Russian version)
An epic cut-scene: falling down from a sky-scraper and surviving
Desert Eagle with a few bullets and an urge to survive
Lugo is down. I can heal him myself or command Adams to do it. (Russian version)
Gruesome death (Russian version)
An unexpected ally (Russian version)
Looks beautiful in a bizarre way
The team argues. The guys go mad from all the killing they have to do. (Russian version)
Firing bombs from above (Russian version)
Apocalypse... now? (Russian version)
Horrors of war
Caught in a sandstorm
Main menu. It changes depending on what chapter you play (Russian version)
Rappelling (instant kill for a poor guy on the other side)
Now Walker's really lost it (Russian version)
Grenade! Gotta move outta here.
A heavy armored enemy. If you see him this close you're pretty much... well, dead.
All discovered intel is stored in a separate menu (Russian version)
It's a real war zone out there
Multiplayer: choosing side (Russian version)
One of game's many breath-taking views of Dubai
Adams making a stealth kill at my command
One of the finishing moves