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Gaming Nexus (Jan 21, 2014)
Wrapping up, even with some glaring flaws in the gameplay and a lack of online multiplayer, Speedball 2 HD is gloriously fun by combining association football with just about every full contact sport out there. It is rewarding to not only gain an advantage by tackling a player, but for it to actually count for something at the same time. The interface is simplistic and yet gets the job done as building up a team is very easy to understand and results in plenty of replayability in the ascension towards the top division. This title is is a nice, quick buy for anyone wanting an in-your-face sports title to enjoy.
XGN (Dec 30, 2013)
Speedball 2 HD is een prima remake van het origineel uit 1990. De game ziet er nog steeds aandoenlijk uit met zijn donkere kleurenpalet en de koddige spelersmodellen, maar door het HD-sausje is alles een stuk scherper geworden. Qua gameplay is Speedball net zo leuk en verslavend, al heeft het qua moeilijkheidsgraad helaas wel ingeboet. Daardoor wordt de game vrij snel saai. Dat hadden de makers goed kunnen maken door er een online modus in te stoppen, maar die hebben ze helaas links laten liggen. Daarmee is Speedball 2 HD nog steeds heel leuk, maar helaas alleen voor een bepaalde tijd.
GameSpot (Dec 17, 2013)
Speedball 2 is quite a bit deeper than you may initially suspect, and the enjoyable career mode's sense of progression is enough to keep you pushing onward. Without an online or even a LAN option, though, the bare-bones multiplayer limits the competitive thrills, and you can't bring in your team from the career mode and pit them against your friends' teams, which is shame. Instead, Speedball teaches you how to play and sets you loose, but leaves you with only a handful of avenues to explore the possibilities.
50 (Dec 20, 2013)
Speedball 2 HD is a competent remake of a 90s classic, but it doesn’t achieve anything beyond this basic level of competency. The AI is still just as easy to exploit as it was back then and with no online multiplayer, it means there isn’t that much challenge offered by this experience. Still, the gameplay is still fun and while you won’t have too much trouble winning everything, you will likely still enjoy doing so - it’s just a shame more wasn’t done to try and update the experience.
GamerHub (Jan 26, 2014)
Games had the best of intentions when making Speedball 2 HD by trying to revive a classic into modern day, but aside from very few differences, it remains almost exactly the same as it did years ago. Character design is very well detailed, but textures look dated and the animations are not what you’d expect from a game with “HD” in the title, not to mention the game runs at an abysmal 30fps which does not help for a game as fast paced as this one. Although the game itself is fun and a faithful remake of the original classic, the amount of flaws and lack of new improvements make Speedball 2 HD a good idea on paper but poorly executed. Unless you’re a major fan of the original it’s hard to recommend the $9.99 price tag on Steam, but potential for online multiplayer in the future would help its case.
The Digital Fix (Jan 07, 2014)
I guess I could have been wrong. This is the problem with nostalgia. Memories, that lie like precious jewels sprinkled across the void of the past, often turn out to be fool’s gold. Speedball 2 may have been a game for an era long lost and probably better left dormant. This remake is faithful and still encapsulates the glorious fun I remember fondly, yet something stings each time I boot it up, reminding me that the past is very much a country we no longer inhabit. It is so simplistic, so silly, that there’s barely more than a couple hours of entertainment to be had before you’ve leeched it for all it has to offer. Speedball 2 HD is a purchase for those who want to rekindle the early 90s, the glory days of gaming, the Amiga, the Master System, the Atari… however the resultant fire will barely light the soul, sizzling out all too quickly. Take it away Babs...
50 (Dec 12, 2013)
Und die braucht es schon, will man mit Speedball 2 HD eine gute Zeit verbringen. Auf der Couch mit einem alten Freund - Online-Modi sind nicht vertreten - blitzt sie hier und da schon noch auf, die Magie von damals. Mehr als eine halbe Stunde am Stück hält sie 2013 aber leider nicht mehr an. Manchmal tut sie fast ein bisschen weh, die echte, ehrliche Erkenntnis, dass nicht alle alten Lieblinge gut gealtert sind.
Speedball 2 HD is a faithful remake of the 1990 classic. It retains everything that made the original game fun, but much of its design feels outdated as a 2013 release. The easily exploited AI and lack of any online multiplayer compound to make this a game that is simply without challenge. The core gameplay, while fun, feels overly simple compared to modern sports games and becomes boring with the lack of challenge. The developers accomplished the goal of releasing Speedball 2 to run on modern machines with nicer looking visuals, it’s just a shame they didn’t do more to modernize the game. If you have a lot of nostalgia for Speedball 2, you’ll probably enjoy this HD remake for what it is, but those looking for a new arcade sports game should look elsewhere.
With no online multiplayer to turn to, that means you’d better hope you know plenty of locals who want to play Speedball 2 with you. Though even in those circumstances, there’s a good chance they’ll spend some of the game telling you that the passes felt weightier and more satisfying in the Amiga or ST version. And they’d be right. Like a hobbling, maimed old pro in a garish new uniform, Speedball 2 HD can still approximate some of the moves that won you over when it was in its prime; but the challenge and fight have simply vanished. You can beat him in your sleep, and it’s all pretty painful to watch.
30 (Dec 12, 2013)
Speedball 2 HD è un titolo che non ha senso. Non va bene per i nostalgici, che farebbero bene a rispolverare l'originale se proprio vogliono giocarci, e non va bene per chi non conosce il titolo dei Bitmap Brothers, perché stenterebbe a comprenderlo trattato in questo modo. Insomma, la nostalgia non basta a salvarlo. Meglio tenersi i bei ricordi e passare ad altro.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Dec 20, 2013)
Welke Atari- of Amiga-bezitter zal ooit Speedball van The Bitmap Brothers kunnen vergeten? Dronken van nostalgie installeerden we Speedball 2 HD en betraden we de futuristische cyberpunk arena voor een spelletje handbal met metalen bal en American football uitrusting. De ouderdom straalt er vanaf, maar het blijft leuk om te spelen.