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Sphere Racer Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game has an animated introduction which includes this title screen and which, unless interrupted, goes on to display the game's credits.
The game's menu system is a series of oscillating icons that orbit around a central point.
The player gets to choose the ball they race.
The difficulty selection screen.
The five available worlds on which the player can race.
Track selection on Metal World. This world has tracks 1 - 5, they are considered the easier tracks.
Desert World and Alien World are locked at the start of the game.
The action keys can be redefined. There's no option to use a joystick.
The first track on Metal World before the race begins.
Part way through a race in Metal World. Lots of information on the screen and it still manages to look uncluttered
Some power ups, like low gravity, affect every player. Low gravity makes it harder to stay on the course in the bends.
The results at the end of the race.
There is also a championship table and points earned in Quick Races appear here.
A bit of product placement here. The pictures around the track are for other Idigicon games.
The end of the first Championship Race was not a total success.