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Written by  :  piltdown_man (159266)
Written on  :  Jun 29, 2019
Rating  :  4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars
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My official stance is that clicker games are rubbish, however ....

The Good

This game is a standard clicker game that sticks to the standard clicker formula of build something, trash everything in exchange for coin, spend that on power-ups and repeat the cycle growing bigger each time. However it feels so well balanced and has other features that make it a joy to play.

Should hard earned pearls be spent on power-ups or new conquests. Should an easy to dominate girl be taken to a high level quickly or should more time be spent on another who is difficult to break but who could generate more willpower or should the mouse / spiral power be increased.

Some women have special attributes, one adds 20% to all willpower generated, another lowers all defences and Helen pops up to assist when mind breaking, increasing Helen's level means she can offer more assistance so would increasing the level of other subjects bring increased rewards?

Then there's the library where the victims minds can be 'Time Attacked' and potentially advanced quickly. All of the game ideas used here may be standard clicker game fare, I wouldn't know 'coz I've only played two other clicker games, but the way they are implemented her just feels 'right'. This is an easy game to like.

The artwork is very well done, the costumes are well drawn and while there are some very explicit scenes I found nothing offensive.

I also liked the bits of a story that unfolded as each subject fell deeper and deeper under the spiral's influence. There are also hints at a larger story - Does Helen has an agenda of her own? Is she really under your control?

The Bad

I'm not a big fan of the music, it's very well done but it is a bit too bright and music-box like for my tastes, having said that I have no idea what music I would have preferred.

The game does get hard in places - especially when entering the elf kingdom. My problem is not the degree of difficulty but that it exposes the fact that at my age it is hard to generate enough clicks per minute to defeat an elf on her home territory. This meant a couple of cycles to generate more pearls and seriously upgrade the power of both mouse and spiral.

The Bottom Line

I started playing this game because it looked simple, it is free and I thought that after a couple of hours fun I'd write a quick description and move on.
As of right now STEAM says I've played 148 hours this week which is an indication of how addictive I have found it to be - perhaps Helen's hypnosis techniques really do work!

I've largely played the game while watching the FIFA 2019 Women's world cup, sound off, mouse in one hand, glass of wine in the other. A very pleasant way to pass an evening.