Spiral Knights Credits

Three Rings Design

Lead DesignNick Popovich
DesignJordan Collie, Chris Lum
Lead EngineerAndrzej Kapolka
EngineerMark Johnson, Ray Greenwell, Lars Harrison
Lead ArtistIan McConville
ArtistCory Sponseller
ProductionTom Schofield, Daniel James, Kim Boyd, Michael Bayne
Music and Sound EffectsHarry Mack
Additional DesignRob Shirai
Additional Engineering and OperationsNathan Curtis, Jamie Doornbos, Matthew Jensen, Greg Sutter
Additional ArtJoshua Gramse, Rick Keagy, Sean Keeton
CommunityMorten Lauritsen, Jessica Nunn


SEGA ProductionChris Olson, Kim Rogers, Haruki Satomi

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rose Sponseller (9)