Spiral Knights Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Character selection
First elevator. Ride it to get down to the dungeon.
Boss fight, got to defeat those Twins.
While it is more fun to play on a group, it is possible to play the game on solo mode.
End of level elevator. Notice the prize wheel with random prizes (coins, potions, or rare lock boxes)
The market.
There is a nice garden in this underground.
Level stats.
Some shopping.
Fighting a ghost.
Crafting is also available in this game.
Watch out: A flamethrower.
A boss fight.
Fighting the Royal Jelly. This is the boss fight at the end of tier 2.
Character loadout
Complete missions to earn better gear and prestige points.
We have arrived at the Graveyard. Make sure to equip proper weapons to fight the undead.
Playing the "Save Winterfest" mission.
We have entered the Firestorm Citadel.
Spend energy to regain full health or wait for a team member to revive you.
The town square during Winter.
This is how the game looks after the UI overhaul.
Fighting a group of Ash Tail Wolves.
The Ready Room
Playing a mission during the Caketastrophe 2013 event.