The Spirit Engine II Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The main menu screen reflects the last used party and the last location you've been in
The main menu screen before you start a new game for the first time, without any characters shown.
Party selection
Intro title screen
Starting cutscene. Would be a very short game if you could refuse...
The first real fight is a boss fight, if admittedly an easy one.
Each character keeps a journal. Some are, shall we say, less suited for it.
Statues are still save points, but at least they no longer cost money to use.
Moods affect characters rather frequently, and you can see exactly how.
Those chests are how you get money, and occasionally items as well.
In some battles, you simply need to survive instead of trying to win.
Chapter start
Game over
Load a saved game
Location matters too. (Also, what a "friendly" greeting...)
Area map
Skill stats
Individual skill chains
Party info
Party chains
Shop interface
Such crowds are generally not good omens, wouldn't you agree?
Bustling cities, characters in "eager" mood and quite a Big Brother vibe.
The circus is in town!
Extreme circumstances make for Parliament meetings held in unusual locations.
A ruined castle in the mountains, bats, red drapes and rumors of a Count back from the dead. Hmm...
Sometimes time works against you and you need to make it through before it runs out.
The game will try to make you think about big issues a fair number of times.
More terrain effects.
Even the save points become one with the jungle. (Also, spiders!)
The save points become even stranger, but then again what doesn't?
The game will provide such information before the battles that require it... Usually...
Character portraits flash when they have something to say.
Ancient scrawls on walls always seem to contain crucial information, don't they?
If only we would...
Game completed!
After you complete the game, you get these statistics.