The Spirit Engine Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Selecting your party members to start a new game (details on).
Load menu
The Spiritual Compendium (aka help): Skill description
The Spiritual Compendium (aka help): Talismans list
Our heroes start their journey.
Statues are save points. Those outside the starting locations cost gold to use.
World map (World 1).
Quest log.
Enemies respawn, but you can choose to just skip any area you already cleared once. Very handy!
Combat in Giant's Cradle (World 1).
Pansylvania (World 2) - Arachnid's Grove.
Boss fight in Pansylvania (World 2).
That's one way of putting it...
Here you can reassign your skill points. Think ahead!
Combat in The Mango Republic (World 3).
The Mango Republic (World 3) - The Hepplekeck Village.
World start screen (World 4).
Once you get this far, you can wave goodbye to free saving even in the starting locations.
You'll also really need to get very used to seeing this...
Combat in The Mystic Dunes (World 4).
The Mystic Dunes (World 4) - Elan's Tomb.
Shop interface and a shopkeeper with quite a personality disorder...
Some men want to turn the world upside down... Literally.
Skill chains screen.
Skill levels screen.
Inventory screen.
World complete screen (World 4). Sure seemed like I died well over 50 times though.
Boss fight in Clarke's Tower (World 5).
Clarke's Tower (World 5) - Prototype Development Wing Omicron.