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SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Sandy Cheeks Lives Here
Who Lives in a Pineapple...?
Plankton Tries to Make a Commercial
Which Picture Is He Talking About?
SpongeBob Washes a Car ... Literally!
Gaming Humor
Talking About the Weather
A rather creepy lead-in to the intro
Eugene hands the free tickets to SpongeBob
An overhead view of Waverly Hills, home of the rich and famous
The humble home of Cowfish Craig (shades of the Beverly Hillbillies!), friend of Sandy Cheeks
Cowfish Craig is a crusty old coot, but he does have an idea where SpongeBob can find a jacket
SpongeBob wins a trivia contest and a coveted invitation
A long walk up to Sublime Seafoods - luckily, SpongeBob will run with a double mouse-click!
The hat-check girl had to loan SpongeBob a jacket before he could get a seat - all part of his elaborate plan to get into Oxygen Springs
And who does he find in Oxygen Sprigs but Patrick, who didn't need a jacket at all!