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Spongebob Squarepants: Operation Krabby Patty Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The CD autoloads and displays this installation screen. assorted pieces of artwork are displayed during the installation
The credits and copyright screen comes up before the company logos and the introductory animation
Once the company logos are out of the way the opening animation starts with Spongebob dreaming that Plankton Eye is going to steal Krabby Patties
Once the animation is over the player is returned to this screen, it is the game's main menu, just about everything is a hotspot that does something.
The sign in screen
There's a right side and a wrong side to get out of bed. The right side is the Krabby Patty set of mini games, the wrong side sees Spongebob's snail get kidnapped and another set of games
The first game is Invasion Of The Patty Snatchers which is explained in the following animation
Invasion Of The Patty Snatchers: The animation explains that Plankton eye has created a robot Mr Krabby. He sends it out along with his minions to steal the ingredients for a Krabby Patty
Invasion Of The Patty Snatchers: The start of the game
There are four stages. In stage one each item is worth 10 points, in stage 2 it's 20 points, stage 3 is 30 points and stage 4 - the bonus stage - it's 40 points.
Invasion Of The Patty Snatchers: There are useful items and bonuses to be collected. Running into a jelly fish or squashing a minion costs points though
Invasion Of The Patty Snatchers: The player controls the Robotic Mr Krabby and must collect the component parts for four burgers. There are three rounds and possibly a fourth bonus round
The player must complete all rounds of each activity before they can progress
A player may start out on the 'Right' side but they can always return to the main menu and choose the 'Wrong' side (and vice versa)
Starting out on the 'Right' side of the bed triggers an animation of Plankton Eye plotting to steal the Patty recipe. Starting on the 'Wrong' side and we get a ransom demand for Gary
Boating School 101 is the first mini game on the 'Wrong' side and the second mini game on the 'Right' side
Boating School 101: The start of the mini game. There are three timed rounds with time penalties for passing a checkpoint out of order
Boating School 101: As with the Invasion Of The Patty Snatchers mini game, finding the telescope gives the player access to a very useful map showing where the checkpoints are
As the player progresses through the game they unlock a series of animations or in-game movies