Spore Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Found a new cellpart.
Attacking a bigger organism - and dying soon afterwards.
You can always see what awaits you in the next stage.
Investing some DNA points in a totally ugly but functional creature.
The evolution of the Pummeltoff so far.
Building the first version of the land creature.
Loading Screen
Isn't my family nice?
Collect these for more usable parts.
Gorbls don't like me - and this one killed me.
Entering the creature stage.
My creatures brain size increased.
This guy has "Don't f*ck with me" written all over him...
I captured these pets during the creature phase.
The tribal outfit editor
Building up the tribe village.
Dancing around the fire.
Bringing a gift basket with food to a nearby tribe to befriend them.
My creatures allied themselves with these tribes and got additional tools and outfits.
The Hutt?
A UFO is visiting the planet and looking over my shoulder.
I conquered or allied myself with every neighbouring tribe and the totem shows that.
Painting the city hall in the buildings editor.
The tribe decides their future goals.
Building a land vehicle in the vehicle editor.
In the city planner the player can even create an anthem for his creatures.
Mining some gas.
A quick look in the vast and extensive Sporepedia.
Reference guide. It covers all in the game.
Here begins the new life.
My home planet
Noir filter
Oil paint filter
In-game console
A religious society unleashes a wave of fanaticism over all cities.
Something wicked this way comes...
Use the flute, Luke!
Epic beast
This guy's actually friendly.
The parrot tribe celebrates the victory!
Just another workday in Bird Town
Chocobo monster!
My home system
Scanning a small planet.
Scanning a ship wreck on another planet.
Space. The final frontier
My space ship is being attacked by some automated drones - that in a rare coincidence look just like me.