Spy Fox 2: "Some Assembly Required" Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The adventure begins...somewhere in the Alps...
"...I'm trying to travel incognito." "Actually, you're traveling in the Alps!"
A SMELLY delivery: Society for Meaningless Evil, Larceny, Lying and Yelling
Not at all ruffled by being surrounded with SMELLY goons
Spy Fox delivers the SMELLY bag
An evil robot kit
Spy Fox's trailer HQ
Spy Fox learns he needs to make, um, find himself a proper ID
This cook is very reminiscent of Julia Child, without the bottle of French wine
Spy Fox meets Napoleon Le Roach
Napoleon does his evil gloating thing
Giant Evil Dogbot plans
Getting a pounding from Bea Bear, masseuse
A very small friend who may come in handy
Spy Fox runs into his fellow spies in the oddest places
If you're bored, you can play this little arcade game
Fire away!