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Spy Fox in "Dry Cereal" Credits

76 people


SpyFox Created ByBrad Carlton, Bret Barrett
Interactive DesignBrad Carlton, Lisa Wick
Creative DirectorRon Gilbert
Project Lead - ArtBrad Carlton
Project Lead - ProgrammingLisa Wick
Project CoordinatorJulia Hill
Dialog Written byBarry Rinehart, Julia Hill
Animation LeadJay Sopp
Paper AnimationTom Verre, Fred Sodt, Sandy Spangler, Tom Witte, Chad S. Hawks, Augie Pagan
ProgrammingSusan Elise Allen, Stephen W. Johnson, Chris Bui, Geoff Kirk, Dave Timoney, Ross McIntire, Robert McAuliffe
Sound Effects ProgrammingGeoff Kirk, Dave Timoney
Storyboard ArtistsJay Sopp, Tom Verre, Tom Witte, Sandy Spangler
Lead Clickpoint ArtistMichael Paganini
Clickpoint ArtistsLeah Verre, Colin Tennery, Mike Jacob, Joe Ziolkowski, Jay Prochaska, Brad Carlton
Background LayoutsTodd Nordling, Kyle Shold
Background ColorsDale Rudder, Kyle Shold
Lead Ink and PaintSteven Nasker
Digital Ink and PaintCory Baker, Francisco Javier Martinez, Becky Hard, Nathan Hall, Courtney Stubbert, Jeff Swenson, Dean Adamo, Jay Prochaska
Music Composed byJulian Soule, Geoff Kirk
Dialog EditingD. J. Mattern, Albert C. Clementi, Eric T. H. Olson, Mary Anne Avery, Rachel Frost, Oanh Pham, Andrew Brinkworth, Steven Rowse
Audio EngineerMike McAuliffe
QA LeadDavid Nixon
Lead TesterElizabeth McClean
TestersEric Elders, Dina Shepard, Patricia Bradley-Bunn, Eric Rosko, Matt Skau, Sharon Evans
Additional TestersCarrie Sherley, Susan Mohn, Sandra G. Rumsey, Ingrid Berendt
QA Technical RepCullen Hadersburger
Production LeadD. J. Mattern
Production AssistantsAlbert C. Clementi, Eric T. H. Olson, Mary Anne Avery, Rachel Frost, Oanh Pham, Andrew Brinkworth, Steven Rowse
Lead System ProgrammerBrad P. Taylor
System ProgrammingJason King, Ron Gilbert
Macintosh Game SystemScott Warren, Peter Crayne
Help File Created byIngrid Sutherland
Featuring the Voice ofRobert Zenk (as SpyFox)
Additional Voice Talent byScott Burns, Shelley Reynolds, Gina Nagy, Michael Shapiro, Dex Manley, John Patrick Lowrie, David Scully, Ken Boynton, Kathy Levin
No animals were mistreated or harmed in any way during the production of SpyFox in Dry Cereal...although quite a few were milked.

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Credits for this game were contributed by monkeyislandgirl (8697)

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