Written by  :  Katie Cadet (9414)
Written on  :  Jun 06, 2018
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
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A video game adaptation of a film that may hurt your eyes!

The Good

To start this review off, there are three things that I liked so far: First, I did a quick comparison between the original film and this video game adaptation and found that the actors from the film are consistent between the two. Second, the behind-the-scenes photographs are the most interesting to look at. And finally, the menu system is easy to navigate, as with all the other video game adaptations based on motion picture films.

The Bad

Now onto the negatives: First, the stereoscopic (anaglyph) 3-D effects are an eyesore to look at for some people playing this game. Second, the gameplay is fairly weak and sometimes too easy or too hard for all three events. Finally, the cutscenes are in CGI, and are poorly rendered. That's all I have to say about the negatives!

The Bottom Line

Spy Kids 3-D Game Over is the weakest film in the Spy Kids movie series, and this video game adaptation treats it the same way! There is not much value for people playing a game that supports stereoscopic anaglyph 3-D. It may appeal to the younger kids, but if they want more excitement and value, a copy of StarFlyers Royal Jewel Rescue would be a good choice, which has that same arcade style gameplay but better, minus the 3-D part! Otherwise, I only recommend this to the fans of the Spy Kids 3-D film who would take a crack at this video game adaptation if they really want to have seizures!