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Spy Muppets: License to Croak Credits

67 people (49 developers, 18 thanks)

Vicarious Visions, Inc.

CEO / Chief Creative OfficerKarthik Bala
VP of Product DevelopmentTobi Saulnier
ProducerEvan M. Skolnick
Lead DesignerEvan M. Skolnick
Lead Artist and AnimatorJason Harlow
Additional Art and AnimationEric DeSantis, Brent Gibson, Timothy Higgins, Andy Lomerson, Rui Tong, Arjen van Haren
Lead ProgrammerIvo Wubbels
ProgrammersJeroen Schmitz, Jan-Lieuwe Koopmans, Rudy De Jong, Bart Venderbosch
AudioBart Roijmans
Vicarious Visions Special Thanks:Jesse Booth, Travis Cameron, Alissa Cattabriga, Dianna Davies, Christopher Degnan, Steve Derrick, Jorge Diaz, Tim Stellmach, Robert Trevellyan, Ruud van de Moosdijk, Albert Vasquez, Marco Willemsen, Chong Guang Zhang, Yin Zhang
Kid TestersMicah Brown, Mike Brunick, Courtney Denue, Madeline Roy, Erik Saulnier, Jonathan Schaefer, Eric Segerstrom, Jacob Skolnick

TDK Mediactive, Inc.

Executive Producer In Charge of ProductionSteve Ryno
Senior ProducerTim Goodlett
ProducerDavid Artuso
Assistant ProducerBrian Etheridge
PD CoordinatorAdeline Petros
Quality Assurance DirectorDonn W. Nauert
Quality Assurance Lead TesterErik van Rooy
Quality Assurance Sr. TesterEmerson Dibley
Quality Assurance TeamMario Cruz, Mariano Merino, Abraham Muñoz, Rob Phelps, Edward J. Ramiro, Jimmy Doss, Terrance Oppenheimer, David Yasno
Executive ProducerVincent J. Bitetti
President and COOShin Tanabe
Executive VP, Sales & MarketingMichael Devine
Executive VP, Business DevelopmentDaniel Kletzky
VP, OperationsLorena Billig
Director, Business DevelopmentAndy Babb
Marketing DirectorTamara Johnston
Brand ManagerAndrea Frechette
Director, Creative ServicesRay Woods
Special ThanksBrett Nelson, Paige Pooler, Michael Polis, Michele Moore

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Credits for this game were contributed by MegamanX64 (16058)