Spycraft: The Great Game Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen and main menu
Your email inbox on your PDA
Incoming video from Warhurst
The organization chart for your immediate team
A dossier view -- one of your teammates lives in Chevy Chase, MD (really exists)
CIA headquarters
The title during the opening intro
You can't be sure who you can trust, even on your own team
Selecting where to go next (only one option on this screen)
Watching accessed videos on bigger screen
Waiting in the office
Accessing Datalink
This computer looks available
Image enhancement puzzle -- zoom in and sharpen the image to find the license plate on the brown sedan
Enhancing the image on the brown sedan
Making sure you observed the photo in great detail
Briefing for your combat/sneaking training mission in The Zone
Dealing with an enemy presence in the Zone
Mission briefing
Communicating with a member of your support team
Your work desk
Working with the K.A.T. -- Kennedy Assassination Tools; this helps trace the trajectory of a bullet
Science & Technology database for your research
Solving puzzles typically boils down to a multiple choice quiz
Suspect matching
Checking voice messages
Intelligence report