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Brash Games (Oct 05, 2015)
STAIRS is a first-person atmospheric psychological horror game. Inspired by real life events. STAIRS takes place in an abandoned factory where there have been reports of paranormal activity. You will play a journalist that starts by exploring the factory to try and debunk these story’s. Here he enters a factory that contains a strange and long staircase. STAIRS has been developed by Swedish developer GreyLight. It is influenced by games such as Silent Hill and the original Resident Evil titles. Expect some scary shit to come your way while playing this game.
ZTGameDomain (Sep 18, 2015)
STAIRS really impressed me with its ability to give me some decent puzzles, good scares, and not having to resort to jump scares every few minutes. It has an extremely interesting premise and some solid ideas all around that kept me sitting at my desk the entire duration of the game. Sadly, that only last about 3 hours. STAIRS is filled with some really awesome moments and ideas, it just doesn’t end well and is rather short. If you can look past those issues though, you’re going to have a scary time.
70 (Nov 04, 2015)
Stairs ne sera pas le jeu de l'année, mais il vaut le coup tant par son ambiance que par sa narration bien construite et sadique à souhait. Le jeu en lui-même reste assez simple, et même si quelques bugs y sont présents, cela n'entache pas réellement le plaisir que l'on a d'avancer et de découvrir les entrailles de cette macabre histoire.
Twinfinite (Oct 11, 2015)
Ultimately, Stairs is an interesting game that displays how well GreyLight really grasps the genre. The atmosphere, sound design, and overall aesthetic is great. The story may be a bit disjointed and disorienting, but it feeds the thematic piece very well in this regard as players dive deeper into Adams’ attempts to cope with his experience. It’s easy to say that it’s worth the $12.99 price on Steam for horror fans, though it may not hold much for those who aren’t keen on the nerve-wracking. Still, with its focus on exploration and the more psychological aspect of terror, it may be pretty approachable for those with a less than die-hard interest in horror. While the technical problems hold it back, the presentation and overall design still shine when the game is working correctly, and it’s a great overall play.
63 (Oct 09, 2015)
Nach den zuletzt vielen mauen Vertretern aus der Indie-Horror-Ecke ist Stairs endlich mal wieder ein kleiner Lichtblick. Die Atmosphäre stimmt und Erkundung, Rätsel, Spannung sowie dramatische Fluchtpassagen halten sich prima die Waage, während spielerische Variationen immer wieder für angenehme Überraschungen sorgen. Leider verhindern zahlreiche, mitunter fatale Bugs den Weg in höhere Wertungsregionen und auch die Einbettung der Storyelemente ist dem kleinen Team einfach nicht gut gelungen – vor allem, wenn es um die finale Auflösung geht. Ich bin trotzdem froh, dass sich die Schweden nicht von der gescheiterten Kickstarter-Kampagne entmutigen ließen und das Projekt schließlich doch noch durchgezogen haben. Gerade für Freunde des eher subtilen Horrors hat Stairs ein paar tolle Momente zu bieten!
Adventure Gamers (Oct 26, 2015)
On the whole, Stairs is a flawed but enjoyable experience throughout its three or so hours of gameplay. It takes a myriad of inspirations from other horror games and films, but it handles them with care so as not to feel entirely clichéd. Its anthology approach adds variety and avoids overusing horror elements that could prove tiresome, but it also prevents the narrative maturity of a cohesive single storyline. The distinct levels exhibit some real flair for good scares, never more so than in their excellent use of a dynamic soundscape. But whilst the worlds created here are beautiful, they lack the broad exploration to truly rival games like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Ultimately, then, your appreciation of this game will depend on whether you perceive these Stairs as going down or going up, when really they do a little of both.