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Star Trek: Away Team Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Intro continued
Intro continued
Main menu
Briefing screen
Commander Data tutors you through the first mission
Check your objectives regularly (it sometimes change during the mission)
The Away Team in action
Science Officer Ivan Verov rescues a Klingon prisoner
Debriefing screen
Team Selection screen (choose your Away Team carefully!)
The Mini-Map shows the entire mission map
Using the Vulcan's Mind Meld ability
Choosing an item in your inventory
Ambush! Our holoprojection is a good distraction. (German Version)
Timing! You can teleport dead enemies to the enterprise. But watch out for the surveillance! (German Version)
Diplomatic Mission! Our team is negotiating with the Klingons. No need to holster the weapons though... (German Version)
Sabotage! The Romulans have dreadful nanite machines that need to be put "off-line". Our team has trouble with the guards and the securicam. (German Version)
Borg! As in the TV series, the Borg can adjust to our team's guns. No need to worry though: you can overload phasers to use them as deadly grenades. (German Version)