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It would appear from the game that the character identified as Ivan Verov, the chief science officer of the starship Incursion, must be the ship's ranking specialist in the nuts and bolts of stealth technology and small arms. We know from the manual and gameplay that he made a large contribution to the technology of the Incursion's holographic masking system, and that he alone has the skill to understand, use, and improve upon the personal cloaking suit used by Romulan officers. Even though it is never explicitly stated that he is the chief armorer, there is sufficient evidence from mission briefings to be able to conjecture that he in fact designed the sniper rifle weapons system, man-portable land mines, and other ordnance. The manual states that he was born somewhere in central Russia and that he was a child prodigy. One of the most interesting details is that many of the times when you click on Verov in the game, he responds in Russian: "Tovarisch?" ("Comrade?") and when you issue orders, often he answers "Da, Comrade" in English.

Judging by the trends of the present day, it does not seem very plausible that Verov would be using the term "Comrade" in the 24th century. "Comrade" is today regarded as a definitively socialist term, left over from the Soviet Union. Today, most Russians do not care for it, and it is at least officially discouraged by the current Russian government. Now one tends to use "gospadín/gospajá", "Mr./Mz." What is especially amazing is how much of a reversal of policy it is to use "gospadín/gospajá," because it was once a term of address of Imperial Russia, when those terms meant "gentleman/gentlewoman." After the October Revolution in 1917, those terms were despised by the Soviets.

Contributed by 88 49 (65) on Jan 16, 2010. -- edit trivia

In another tie-in, USS Incursion was in the final single-player mission of Star Trek: Armada II as a playable ship... disguising as a Specie 8742 ship!

Contributed by Kasey Chang (4617) on Mar 28, 2006. -- edit trivia

Star Trek: Away Team received a 49% rating from PC Gamer magazine (June 2001; reviewed by Chuck Osborn).

Contributed by PCGamer77 (3233) on Mar 06, 2005. -- edit trivia

In a tie-in, the holographic cloaking system idea was used in Starfleet Command III, where the Romulans stole the technology from Starfleet and used it to wreck havoc!

Contributed by Kasey Chang (4617) on May 24, 2004. -- edit trivia

In Level 12, the one on Romulus where you plant four anti-matter charges, there is a computer terminal in the north and one in the south. If you have someone use their "computer skill" on both of them, it will open up the explosive sniper round line of study. I don't think this is crew member specific, but I used Ivan Verov. The explosive sniper round will take down targets close to the primary target.

Contributed by Terrence Bosky (5463) on Jan 28, 2003. -- edit trivia