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Written by  :  Andrew Wills (3)
Written on  :  Sep 03, 2005
Rating  :  4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars
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A good game made better by fan content

The Good

In my opinion this is the best Star Trek game to come out since 25th anniversary. No other Trek game could you take command of a starship and wreak havoc on a massive scale. The ship models looked fantastic, and the game created a wonderful sense of scale. The first time you see star base 12 really blew me away. The story was quite well done and the casting of Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner really helped that along.

You control your ship by one of two ways. From the bridge barking orders at your (sometimes useless) crew via the mouse, or from a chase view outside the ship using the WSADQE F and X keyboard keys. You will most likely be doing everything in the game from the chase view, as it is very hard to do anything productive from the bridge unfortunately.

The battles were by far the focus of the game and are quite involving. Targeting specific systems on enemy ships while managing your own damage and watching your shield status makes for the ultimate starship battle multitasking experience.

But on to what I consider the best part of this game.... Open source. Yes you could MODIFY any of the ships in the game, also create ships. Fan and computer geeks alike have created TONS of mods and new ships and updated textures.

Of the best of these would have to be Nano FX. This modification took the bland and unimpressive explosion textures and sounds, and turned them into a 3D delight to the ears and eyes.

And the ships! There are literally hundreds of fan created ships available for downloading, you can even download star wars ships. Ever wanted to pit the Enterprise against a super star destroyer? Boo yah.

And of course with new ships come bigger guns. It makes for much more frantic fights when a Warbird is firing continuously pounding the crap outta ya.

The sound FX and music are for the most part acceptable. The sound and music can be changed like anything else. The music creates a Star Trek atmosphere well enough.

The Bad

While the mods do make the game much more than it can be, they mostly only apply to Quick Battle mode; the single player experience becomes buggy and usually unplayable.

I really wanted my Trek game fix to be ultimately satisfied with this game but unfortunately that wasn't the case.

Not being able to save mid mission or skip and cut scenes made the Single player storyline more frustrating than anything, and I really wanted to launch the first officer out of a torpedo tube. Who exactly is in command anyway?

As good as the game can be with added Mods, I can't really judge a game by what fans did to make it better. The stock ships in BC are mostly uninteresting. Pretty much every Federation ship has the same phaser arcs and torpedo layout (sans the Ambassador). My question is why would the state of the art Sovereign not have any rear firing phasers? Bah.

While the music for the most part does the job, I have to say the battle music gets extremely repetitive, and the sounds of battle are pretty bland over all. When a torpedo hits the hull of an enemy ship you expect a little bit more than *thud*.

The Bottom Line

When this game came out, I was already crying for a sequel. I would definitely recommend this game to any trek fan out there.

Overall a game that could of been so much better than it is, but still stands out as one of the best trek games ever.