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Hoppla, dieses Spiel ist ein Geheimtipp! Eigentlich war ich nicht glücklich, als der Test mir zuviel, weil Star Trek nicht meine Sache ist. Aber als ich mir dann die Tutorials reinzog und schließlich auch online ging (was gleich beim ersten Versuch problemlos funktionierte), dachte ich mir: Oho, in diesem Spiel steckt viel mehr, als es zunächst den Anschein hat! Vergleichsweise leicht zu lernen, aber schwer zu meistern - das wäre die kurze Zusammenfassung des Spielprinzips. Die Steuerung jedoch ist manchmal fitzeliger, als sie sein müsste.
GameSpot (Jul 21, 2000)
But as with other addicting games, ConQuest's problems disappear when they are stacked up against the game's engrossing gameplay and easy matchmaking system. Together with the ability to trade for those pieces that you desperately need to build the ultimate control group, you've got the makings of a game that can offer months and months of enjoyment. And because you pay only for the pieces and not to play, it's also an affordable obsession. If you're into collectible card games, even if you're not a big Star Trek fan, then you should take the time to download the starter pack and give the game a try. Chances are you might have just started a brand-new hobby.
Speel als Q tegen andere Q's met als pionnen Star Trek-elementen en als speelveld het universum.
Star Trek: ConQuest Online offers a lot of entertainment for those willing to spend the time and money to get the most out of it. It provides a lively online community for playing, trading and interacting with others. In addition, there is a sense of constant improvement in strategy as you learn new tricks either by having them pulled on you or through experimentation. The action is therefore always fresh and exciting — you never know what will happen next. The mild lapses in design in ConQuest do not hurt the overall experience. The bland graphics and the lack of music are disappointing; however, past those flaws is an engaging game of strategy that is challenging and fun to play.
Game Captain (Nov 05, 2000)
Conquest ist nicht gerade ein Spiel das optische oder akustische Schmankerl bietet. Eine sehr sparsame, unbewegte Grafik, lediglich die Spielkarten sind ganz ordentlich und die Akustik beschränkt sich auf eine gesprochene Begrüßung und Verabschiedung sowie einige Steinzeit FX. Muß ja auch nicht zwingend sein. Tja, sicherlich eine Frage des persönlichen Geschmacks, ob man an sich in Conquest Online hineinkniet und Freude daran gewinnt. Mein Fall ist es nicht so sehr. Mich stört der dezente Abzockcharakter von diesen virtuellen (!) Sammelkarten und außerdem habe ich bei solchen strategischen Spielchen meinen Gegner lieber vor mir sitzen.
PC Gamer UK (Aug, 2000)
This just strikes us as something incredibly unimportant and trivial being taken far too seriously by far too many people. Unless you are a die-hard CCG-er with a disliking for maths, it really is hard to recommend this. But if you are, then you couldn't ask for a more comprehensive and well-coded way to play it on-line. Your call.
Game Over Online (Jul 21, 2000)
Recommending Star Trek: Conquest Online is not an easy thing to do. While you can play against computer opponents on your own time, they can become incredible predictable. Star Trek: Conquest Online was meant to be played online against opponents from around the world, not as a single player game. What this means though is that you'll undoubtedly have to purchase booster packs in order to compete with such players. If you already own the card game and have a number of players you can war with, I don't see why you would want to purchase the PC version just so you can buy all those booster packs all over again. If, however, you don't have a clique that you can play the card game with and you want to find some players to fight, Star Trek: Conquest Online does offer the platform to do so. It's a tough call really, but in the end Star Trek: Conquest Online gets a greedy thumbs down.
PC Joker (Aug, 2000)
Der Witz eines Trading-Cards-Games sind von jeher Tauschaktionen, weshalb zwischen den Einsätzen Karten via OnlineAuktion (v)ersteigert werden. Trotzdem macht das im wirklichen Leben einfach mehr Spaß: ungeachtet der vier Offline-Trainingsmissionen geht die Einarbeitung nur schleppend voran; ungeachtet des Wiedererkennungswerts solcher Figuren wie Picard, Worf oder Ryker sieht die kaum animierte Grafik ziemlich traurig aus. Auch der Sound besteht bloß aus einer Hand voll Effekten, angereichert durch wenige Happen Sprachausgabe. Originalmusik? Fehlanzeige! Anders gesagt: Die Fans der TV-Serie sind am PC mit „Star Trek: Armada“ (PCJ 5/00, 71 %) besser bedient. Und wenn es Enterprise-Sammelkarten sein sollen, dann lieber die richtigen von Skybox.
Star Trek: Conquest Online will probably have a limited audience. It fills a very specific niche that will not appeal to a majority of PC gamers. This type of card/strategy game has never been my forte, but I can see where some may enjoy it. The ease of access to other players is the game's strong point - the gameplay is certainly an acquired taste. Bottom Line: Very basic graphics and sound. Tutorials and AI games give you the ability to learn and practice before you go into a live game. The interface is cluttered, but manageable. The online component is the game's strong point, as it is efficient and allows you to find a game whenever you like.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 30, 2000)
Afzetterij van een magnitude die we nog maar zelden zijn tegengekomen in computergames!
GameStar (Germany) (Aug, 2000)
Bei Activision müssen sich ein paar Ferengi eingeschlichen haben. Star Trek: Conquest ist ganz darauf gestrickt, sammelwütigen Strategen das Kleingeld aus der Tasche zu ziehen. Das eigentliche Spiel ist recht clever ausgetüftelt, Denksportler kommen auf ihre Kosten – sofern sie bereit sind, sich in die zahlreichen Menüs einzuarbeiten. Alle anderen, auch Trekker, lassen lieber die Finger davon.
You can buy booster packs of 15 pieces online for $3, or a starter pack for $10. Why, in an online game, are the pieces distributed in the same numbers and prices as real-world cards? Why the hell am I bothering to play online? At least in reality, I can put my hands on the darn things. As aggravating as this is, it also leads to a real gameplay problem: If your opponent is willing to shell out the money, he’s virtually guaranteed to win. I suppose this could have worked if Genetic Anomalies hadn’t straightjacketed itself into remaking an already miserable card game. II also might have worked if they’d reworked the game mechanics so that so many pieces didn’t exist solely to remove Captain Picard, or Worf, or Troi, or whomever else, from play. As it stands now, STAR TREK CONQUEST ONLINE definitely does justice to a half-assed trading-card game that never had anything going for it, outside of an $80 Captain Picard.
The rarity of the pieces makes the game almost impossible to fully explore with the basic retail package. Many of the rare pieces work best in combos that require other rare pieces. Some characters can't even be used until you collect the other elements of the combo. Activision seems content to let brokers camp out on the chat channel, advertising rare units for sale at a separate online site. It seems that ConQuest Online is more about making money than presenting a good game. On the whole, I'd rather be in Chron X.