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antstream tournament
Written by  :  Kevbo32 (53)
Written on  :  Oct 22, 2001

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The good and the bad all over again.

The Good

Great presentation. Wonderful graphics. The starships seem right out of the television show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The explosions and the phasers and torpedos all looked great. The interface was done well on different races like the Federation or the Dominion. Plus, the presentation wasn't all the bad.

The Bad

It feels like it could of gone longer on each side. It took a while to learn all the interfaces and options but if your a gamer you'll get it down but not it might get confusing and hard to master. I also wish they used a bit of crossing over storylines like bringing something up from an episode of DS9. They did a bit of crossing over on TNG/DS9 but I wouldn't like to ruin the storyline but they didn't really use the crossing over that much.

The Bottom Line

Once again, another great awaited Star Trek game fells flat. This one I actually wanted to get because I thought it can break the barrier of not so good Star Trek games that's been coming out lately. I got it on the release date I think and I was once again not so interested in the game after a day of playing it. It's a different step but in a different direction of great Star Trek games. Like I said before this will only appeal to some trekkies at this point and non-trekkies will simply not like it according to the non-trekkies I been talking about of this game. But I think it's only a trekkie game. Well, if your a trekkie that loves Star Trek games this one brings something new.

antstream tournament