Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Dominion Wars Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Part of the opening trailer, Dominion cruiser about to get blasted...
Jem'hadar Strike Cruiser and Cardassian Norin making short work of a Maquis Raider in the Badlands
Federation Akira is surrounded by the Dominion fleet...
Multiplayer game has a winner... Achilles-class starship in the foreground
Final mission for the Federation... Conquer Cardassia Prime...
The Main menu
Here you choose between Federation and Dominion campaigns
The first Dominion mission briefing. You begin at the command of the Cardassians
In the Fleet Setup screen we determine the composition and crew of our fleet according to available credits
A Steamrunner class starship approaches the famed Deep Space 9 station...
Deep Space 9 and the wormhole which caused the War
This Dominion attack ship is in trouble
Victory for the Federation! Objectives completed and important statistics are shown here.
There are well known characters from the next-gen Star Trek to pick as captains, such as Worf and Dax.
The USS Defiant on a near suicide mission with Worf in command.
To the lower right are the attack options. The correct method of attack is crucial to success.
An Akira class starship leads a full complement of ships