Star Trek: Generations Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
View from the station window
A phaser at high setting
Fixing a damaged power supply.
Narrow station air conduit
Soran at the space station
Scotty (from a cutscene)
Enterprise engaging the Klingons.
Enterprise in battle
Short range scan of Arvada II
Captain Kirk (from a cutscene)
Soran is at Arvada II.
Data on a planet's surface
Enterprise engaging a small klingon fleet.
Lost contact with the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Soran is located at Antilios.
Beverly Crusher above surface on Antilios
Antilios is a living planet.
Inside a living planet
U.S.S Enterprise (from a cutscene)
Soran has come to Bersus
New lifeforms
Nice view from high above
If you run out of ammo, use your hand.
Hostile plant
Data can't swim under water.
A message from starfleet command
Enterprise has encountered two Romulan warbirds.
Long range scan
Soran has boarded the enterprise.
Are these corridors really so narrow?
Romulan warbird exploded on impact.
Picard has found Soran on Veridian III
Captain Kirk vs Soran
Short range scan of Amargosa system
Solar observatory in the Amargosa system
The small window size limits the view even more.
Pause menu
Riker has found Soran.
Planet exploding (from cutscene)