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Star Trek: Legacy Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The Enterprise NX-01 has been damaged.
Tactical map
Enterprise NX-01 in warp speed
Two federation ships inside a nebula
Using the tractor beam.
A Vulcan ship under attack
Mission results
You can buy more ships to add to your fleet.
A Constitution class ship in the loading screen
Sovereign class ships protecting Deep Space 9.
A Romulan ship in the loading screen
Star Trek Legacy extras menu
Galaxy class starship
Intrepid class starship
Defiant moving into attack range.
Scoreboard on screen
A Defiant under cloak
The Federation starbase
Mission objectives
In your first mission, you get hints about what to do.
The ship's system repair menu
The Enterprise NX-01 has arrived on an ice planet.
The Enterprise is under attack by three Romulan ships.
The Enterprise firing at an enemy ship.