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Star Trek Online Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Character Screen
Loading Screen
The voice of Spock tells most of the story.
The game begins with a fight against the Borg.
Customize your ship until you're out of money!
The sector screen is where you'll spent most of your time.
Flanking some Klingons for additional damage.
Aboard my own bridge - doesn't look like much.
You not only dress yourself, but also your officers.
The world of Star Trek Online.
Fighting a Klingon Cruiser.
That Borg is part of my crew.
Guess who that important guy was.
Fighting a Quasar Class Science Vessel with my little Bird of Prey - and winning!
Find the cloaked Bird of Prey on this picture.
Fighting in a PvP-match against other Klingon-players.
Ships from Species 8472 or 7482 or 4728 or whatever can deal a lot of damage.
Welcome to the biggest library of the Star Trek universe - Memory Alpha.
Visiting a Klingon outpost in the uniform of a Federation officer is probably not a good idea.
Well, at least the damage model is decent.
Going on the hunt for some Klingons with my team-mates.
Flying the original Constitution class (Gamestop preorder bonus)
Classic Trek references abound. This mission is a semi-sequel to the TOS episode "City on the Edge of Forever"
Lifetime subscribers get the ability to play as a Liberated Borg, and visit the "Captain's Table" lounge zone.
Earth spacedock
You can buy and sell items at exchange
Offduty at Risa
Time portal
Crystal entity encounter
Inside of wormhole
Devidian attack
Fighting in fleet action
Ship at close
Bajoran wormhole to Quark's Bar
Inside hirogen ship
Inside bajoran wormhole
The "Classic Bridge" is simply the TNG bridge with some slight changes. Mainly some missing chairs and the addition of the background panel from the episode "Parallels"
Spot on recreations of DS9 and the wormhole.
"Saddle up, lock and load!"
In this mission I've travelled back in time and must protect the original Enterprise..
..with great attention to detail. The Klingons do not have forehead ridges.
1 year anniversary event - Feb 3, 2011
Anniversary party with the developers.
Redesigned Earth spacedock, live on Feb 3, 2011