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Advertising Blurbs
    Sequel to the award winning Starfleet Command! Embark on a career as a starship officer and take the helm in the ultimate real-time tactical space combat experience...!

    "...For the player who relishes a realtime space strategy simulation, nothing can touch the depth of this game...Easy to play, very tough to master and nearly impossible to put down."--Daily Radar

  • Choose from 8 races to play with all new single and multiplayer campaigns including two new races - The Interstellar Concordium and the Mirak Star League.
  • The dynamic campaign system allows players to create an entire career in an evolving galaxy full of intrigue. No two careers will ever be exactly the same.
  • Each of the 8 empires has different mission goals and tendencies. Earn titles, honors, medals, awards, rank and prestige points as you experience the life of a career starship officer.
  • Features an online matching system featuring an evolving galactic map reflecting the current military and economic status of the empires.
  • Each player's actions in battle will have a direct effect on the ever-changing galactic map and the status of the empires.
  • Command up to 3 starships at once that react and maneuver in authentic Star Trek fashion armed with classic starship weapons from the Federation photon torpedo to the Romulan plasma torpedo.
  • New fleet control panel will slide up for each ship under a player's control giving options for fire control, formation tightness, stealth, defense, attack, capture and tractor.
  • Hundreds of new ships have been added for an amazing grand total of over 1000 cinematic-quality, 3D rendered and best of all playable ships.
  • Cutting edge graphic technology opens a new era of tactical space combat realism.
  • Even more stunning dog fights are possible with the addition of more Fighters and Fast Patrol ships.

  • Contributed by jean-louis (39648) on Jan 16, 2016.

Print advertisement - PC Player 02/2001:


    James T. Kirk

    Capt. Spok

    Hikaru Sulu

    Peter Burkhardt

    Das Kommando der Sternenflotte beruft dich zu höheren Aufgaben. Begebe dich auf eine Mission, die dir Ehrungen und Titel, aber auch Tod und Verderben einbringen kann. Allein dein strategisches und taktisches Geschick bestimmt dein Schicksal. Eines von 8 Völkern, darunter 2 neue Völker, entsendet dich in die unendlichen Weiten. Mit dutzenden von detaillierten, neuen Schiffen und modernster Grafiktechnologie leitet Starfleet Command 2 eine neue Äre des Realismus für taktische Kämpfe im Weltraum ein.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (237760) on Oct 10, 2010.