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Star Trek: Starfleet Command Volume II - Empires at War Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
The training tutorial -- destroying a decommissioned freighter.
Setting up a multiplayer game.
The Interstellar Concordium -- one of the two new species included with SFC2.
The main strategic game map.
A nice touch: each race has its own rank insignia, campaign ribbons and medals. Pictured here is an up-and-coming federation's officer I-love-me board.
Repair and resupply; each cost you prestige points, which you earn after successful missions.
Shopping for a new vessel; you can have up to three at any given time, but you must first earn enough prestige to buy one.
Two Federation cruisers assaulting an orbital shipyard.
A Federation dreadnought and battlecruiser finish off a poor Klingon cruiser.
The same Federation dreadnought and battlecruiser now facing two Orion Pirate vessels; notice the space station in the background.
In a nauseating nod to its late 20th century American counterpart, the Federation finds itself facing a war on drugs...
The mission debriefing. Wow! 450 prestige points!
Ah, the Klingon D7 Battlecruiser! The mainstay of the Klingon fleet.
A Klingon destroyer poking at the shields of a Federation police escort.
An overhead view of a melee between three Klingon cruisers and a Hydran convoy; the Hydran cruiser at bottom is about to be destroyed.
Two Klingon cruisers finishing off an ISC carrier.
The classic Romulan War Eagle.
A Romulan destroyer defends a freighter against an approaching Federation vessel.
A Romulan cruiser and two dreadnoughts assault a small Mirak fleet.
A Romulan dreadnought inflicting internal damage on a Mirak battlecruiser.
The same dreadnought's right front shield is pierced by a phaser barrage.
Schematics on a Gorn dreadnought; not much subtlety there -- just raw power.
A Gorn light cruiser fires a plasma bolt at a space monster.
A Gorn assault freighter (!) and a light cruiser firing upon an ISC freighter.
A Gorn task force engaging a small Romulan vessel; nice planet!
Feline races seem to find themselves in the pilot seats and at the helms of many starships in science fiction; here we have a Lyran frigate.
In-mission communications are moderately humorous at times.
Aaaagghhh! The crew of this Lyran frigate says its prayers as it prepares to be incinerated by a salvo of Mirak missiles.
The ESG (Expanding Sphere Generator) makes the Lyrans very distinctive and different to play.
Explosions in SFC2 are glorious.
More fireworks. An asteroid-like space monster converts a Lyran frigate into floating debris and dust.
The other feline race, the Mirak (Kzinti), rely heavily on missile-armed ships, with often devastating effectiveness.
A Mirak cruiser fires a spread of missiles at an Orion pirate heavy cruiser.
The ISC, the new bad guys, sure have pretty ships.
A planetary scanning mission for the ISC's War of Pacification.
Ships in SFC2 are rendered in loving detail; pictured here in close-up is an ISC frigate.
And, finally, the Hydrans. Not the easiest species to play, but their penchant for fighter fighters (almost every ship is a carrier) makes them formidable.
A Hydran battlecruiser and dreadnought (unfairly) facing a pair of Lyran cruisers; the battlecruiser is beaming marines over to one of the Lyran ships.
Firing a fusion beam and hellbore simultaneously at another hapless Lyran cruiser.
An unintentional shot across the bow of a Federation cruiser.