Star Trek: Starfleet Command Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Splash screen
6 races
A Federation fleet of ships
Sulu's war
Nice explosion
Their goes another one
Choose your weapon
Prepair for war
Death to the feds
The installation process installs a separate game configuration program. When tried the 'Updates' button didn't find a server
There's a separate launcher for the multiplayer option which uses Gamespy
The game starts with an animated sequence showing ships of all races shooting at each other and generally blowing stuff up
After selecting a race from the main screen the player is presented with this screen which defines the kind of game to be played. It's the same screen with different styling for each race
The game allows each mission to be filmed and replayed. Filming can be enabled / disabled by the player or it can always be enabled
Action keys can be redefined. Not all keys are applicable to all races, not everyone has a cloaking device for example. This just shows the Helm keys. There are eight other tabs to view
Skirmish selection
Each pre-defined skirmish mission can be customised by the player