A limited version that only has a Federation Cruiser (i.e. Enterprise) and a Klingon D-7 cruiser was released under the name of "Starfleet Command: Neutral Zone". It can be found in budget section of game stores.

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When Interplay first launched the game, they added a special "bonus missions CD" "only available for those who order directly through Interplay store". The special missions, which includes recreation of famous Star Trek moments such as Kobayashi Maru, Balance of Terror, and Wrath of Khan, "will NEVER be released".

A year after the game's launch, Interplay is now SELLING the bonus mission for $7.95.

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To save memory, the programmers did not use new textures for different ships. The end result is if you have multiple ships of the same type, the view shows identical ships! Just take a look at the screenshot... You can see that all three ships Federation Heavy Cruisers are USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A!

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While Starfleet Command (there's no space between Star and Fleet) claims to be THE "Star Fleet Battles" computer game, there was actually an unofficial adaptation made almost 20 years ago, on the Apple II! That game is called The Warp Factor. That game was ported to the PC in 1982, a year after its initial release.

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The game mentions Kzintis, which is one of the races in the boardgame (Star Fleet Battles), but apparently Paramount have not received permission from Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle to use the Kzintis in any place OTHER than that old Animated Star Trek episode. Therefore, the Kzintis were dropped from the original game.

The Kzintis DID make their appearance in Star Fleet Command Volume II: Empires at War as the Mirak Star League. The description is identical, as are the ships. The only thing changed is the name.

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