Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force (Collector's Edition) Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

On the bridge... just like the show
The first real action you see is a firefight between Voyager crewmembers and Scavenger pirates
Your first away mission begins badly... looks like the natives aren't particularly friendly
Getting your boss out of a jam
After endless repetitions of 'You will be assimilated' and 'the weak shall perish', it's nice to meet a species that attacks us just because we is so tasty
In between away missions you'll be given a chance to test out your weapons on the holodeck against various fantasy foes, like these cowboys out on a redneck rampage
The Scavenger space station is composed of parts taken from various ships, like this Klingon Bird of Prey bridge (complete with ticked-off knife-wielding Klingon)
Listening in on the Klingons as they discuss life in the graveyard of starships
The villainous Doc Kreege welcomes you into his lair... which looks suspiciously like the sickbay from the original series (although I don't remember McCoy being flanked by raygun-wielding babes)
Cool! Cat fight between Telsia and an Imperial Bridge Bunny aboard the Scavenger ship
Nice outfit, Munro. Alexandria disguises herself as a Scavenger in order to rescue Telsia
Boss battle at the end of the Scavenger base against the Hirogen Alpha
Your teammates help you battle the Borg
One of those really awkward family reunions between Seven o' Nine and her old Borg buddies
As Hazard Team leader, the choices you make influence the course of the game... such as deciding whether to rescue your boss or leave him to the tender mercies of the Borg
If you fail to rescue Foster, he becomes a Borg groupie who delights in giving you orders and making your life difficult (ie, he still thinks he's your boss)
Hey, it's the Voyager crew's old buddies, Species 8472! Yet another alien species that wants to wipe out the universe (Oh those obnoxious aliens)
Deep within the Borg cube, you'll face off against the Assimilated Foster for a final reckoning (or, in the immortal words of Homer Simpson, 'Kill my boss? Do I dare live out the American dream?')
Treating you in sickbay, HoloDoc gets to utter one of his most famous lines
Firefight between the Hazard Team and the Scavengers aboard the Dreadnought
Danger Will Robinson! The Dreadnought is guarded by an army of very irritable Killer Robots
Voyager is invaded by the Harvesters, Elite Force's penultimate adversaries
Within the Forge, the Hazard Team and Voyager crew battle the Reavers in a battle royale
You and your squad in a firefight against the Reavers, the galaxy's ultimate killing machines
The entire crew of Voyager shows up to help you out
The Vohrsoth doesn't seem to be buying the Captain Kirk 'You.. must.. survive.. we.. must.. survive' approach. Time to switch to the Captain Solo 'Blast em' all to bits' approach
Ensign Munro faces off against the mighty Vohrsoth for the fate of the galaxy
Multi-player botmatch against the Borg
Deathmatching the Borg Queen