Star Warped Credits (Windows)

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Star Warped Credits

Star Warped

Produced byBrian, Aaron
Written byBrian, Aaron
StarringAaron, Brian, Stephanie
FriendsAnd our friends who; for some reason; didn't want their names included here.
Best BoyStephanie
PresidentWilliam Jefferson Clinton
First PresidentGeorge Washington
Special Thanks toMom, Her boyfriends [Kenny; Bob; Bill; Joe; Sau; Enrique... we forgot the rest], Yashi & Dama, Lucy & Ethel, Mel & Buddy, Musso & Frank, Rob Cohen (he's our real Yoda), Boba Fett, Jah, Mr. U.P.S. [who brings us all our Star Wars catalog goodies]
Extra Special Thanks toAll those involved in the creation of the Star Wars trilogy., George Lucas, From George himself; all the way down to the guys who inspect the action figures and make sure that Han Solo in Hoth gear comes with its blaster pistol and assault weapon.

Parroty Interactive

Vice President of Research and DevelopmentSteven Horowitz
Creative DirectorSteven Horowitz
ProducerJennifer Bulka
Director of Production and Online ServicesSue Zemel
Assistant ProducerJuliet LaVia
Marketing ManagerDoria Sanchez
Associate Producer Online ServicesDoreen Hinton
Executive Producer Online ServicesKent Deverell
Director of PublicityAlexis Hunter
Quality Assurance and Technical Support ManagerMel Doweary
Special Thanks toEd Bernstein, Ed Roffman, Marty Piombo, Gwendaline Mazzara, Carey Castagnoli
Extra Special Thanks toMark Radcliffe

Luminare Multimedia

ProducerDale Geist
Creative DirectorDale Geist
Associate ProducerAndy McIntyre
Executive ProducerCaitlin Curtin
Special Thanks toDavid Leventhal, Katie Koloseike
IllustrationTom Richmond
Graphic DesignLarry Nelson
Animation: WayForward TechnologiesMatt Bozon, Robert Buchanan, Erin Bozon, Jennifer Austin
Art ProductionDavid Gardner, Adi Ben-Ner
Programming: WayForward TechnologiesVoldi Way, Raymond L. Maple, Jonathan Hopkinson
Title Music: Stringer MultimediaSteven Stringer
Music and Sound Effects: Chronic MusicEric Cunningham, Ron Sures, Johann Langley
Audio and Video EditingMargaret Fahrenthold, Eleanor Beaton, Joseph Cochran
Video DesignDavid Phillips
Audio Conversion: Pyramind SoundGregory J. Gordon, David Hodge (Hodge), Alex Studer, James Prince, Michael Perfitt
Online: Luminare Web TeamJeffrey Schneider, Debbie Lefkowitz, Richard Jennings
Online: Fluid DesignMark Belanger, Adam Margulies
Online: CoretekLeonard Shieba, Tom Hempel
WritersIan Deitchman, Kristin Rusk, Brian Posehn, Mark Cohen

Voiceover: Cast

BrianBrian Posehn
AaronRobbie Rist
U Dont No Jedi HostTom Kenny
CastCarlos Alazraqui, Jodi Benson, Gregory D. Eagles, Tom Kenny, Maurice LaMarche, Valery A. Pappas, Leon Riss, John Roarke, Eliza Jane Schneider, Kath E. Soucie
DirectorSteven Horowitz
Casting Director / Assistant DirectorKris Zimmerman Salter
Voice over session recorded atEntourage Studios
Celebrity VoicesAll celebrity voices are impersonated.

Ranch Cam Video: Cast

CastSheila Balter, Mark Cohen, Tim Ereneta, Michael Horowitz, Steven Horowitz, Juliet LaVia, Kirk Livingston, Brian Posehn, Johnny Steele

Ranch Cam Video: Crew

DirectorsIan Deitchman, Steven Horowitz
Assistant DirectorDale Geist
ProducerJennifer Bulka
CameraBrian Benson
SoundVic Ferrer
GafferJoplin Wu
GripChristine Cannavo
Props / CostumesBabalou
PiñataRuth Orozco
Production AssistantsJuliet LaVia, Andy McIntyre, Margaret Fahrenthold

Jedi Ceremony Video

CameraJuliet LaVia
Brian and AaronThe Masked Marauders
Special Thanks toMichael Horowitz, Rachel Koretsky


Package Design: Three 8 Creative GroupJohn Borg, Edward Cristman, David Mazur, Sam Sisco
Star WarpedStar Warped is a parody and is NOT licensed by LucasFilm Ltd. or any third parties.
Made withMacromedia®, QuickTime™

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (510851)