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    Grades 5 and Up Ages 9 and Up

    Ecological principles come alive in Star Wars®: The Gungan Frontier as your students try to create a balanced ecosystem on a barren moon. This simulation mirrors real world population dynamics, ecosystems, life cycles, regulation and behavior. Developed with scientists and teachers, tools like an interactive food web, glossary of ecological terms and population graphs lead to a better understanding of how small changes impact an environment over time.

    Develop Skills
    Scientific Inquiry and Systems Thinking

    Key Features
    - 360-degree, 3D views of the environment and its life forms in multiple zoom levels.
    - Over 80 Star Wars creatures and plants are at your disposal.
    - Life-like creature animations and sounds.
    - Over a dozen missions based on real-world ecological concepts test your knowledge and skill.
    - Create-a-Critter mode lets you design millions of creatures and plants, each with their own unique attributes.
    - The Kresch, a living encyclopedia, provides high-resolution images and detailed descriptions of every creature, plant, and Gungan bubble building.
    - Extensive graphic food web with species specifics, including diet, sounds, and terrain.
    - Detailed population graphs give you feedback to better manage your ecosystem.
    - Beginner and advanced modes provide challenges both engaging and complex.

    Contributed by Indra was here (20930) on Jun 10, 2003.

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    As a hero of the Battle of Naboo, you've been called before the Gungan High Council to handle a critical mission. Their city is threatened by overpopulation, and you must establish a new colony on a nearby moon. The Gungans need you to create a new world filled with fantastic Star Wars creatures and plants from across the galaxy. You must discover how these alien animals and plants interact and how they depend on each other to live. Only when you have an ecologically sound environment can a new Gungan city truly thrive. The fate of an entire civilization rests in your hands because, on the moon of Naboo, the most powerful force of nature is you.

    In this first ever Star Wars simulation designed for players age 9 and up, your goal is to transform the barren moon of Naboo into a thriving, balanced ecosystem and help the Gungans build a new underwater bubble city. From your transport ship, you control the release of Star Wars creatures and exotic plants into the empty landscape. Creatures move and interact in life-like, 3D animation and digital sounds. Monitor population levels, manage the food web, consult your online encyclopedia, and harvest valuable resources that can be used to build the new Gungan city.

    Contributed by Adam Baratz (1484) on Jan 13, 2001.