Star Wars: Galaxies - An Empire Divided Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Speeder Bike Action!
The character creation facilities are unusually powerful.
This beast is vertically challenged
Travelling the side of a cliff on mounted steed
Famous Bounty Hunters hanging around Jabba's Palace
Negotiating with a Jawa Smuggler
A long long time ago in a soup kitchen far far away...
I am See Threepio and this is my counterpart, Artoo Detoo
Everybody loves Gungans!
Running around in Tatooine
Rifleman in Tatooine
Wookie Hunting
Monkeys on Lok
Soloing an Ancient Bull Rancor
First Krayt Hunt on Shadowfire
Central Mountains of Naboo
Friendly Dinosaur on Rori
Swoop Bikes
Tatooine Rock Formations
Dathomire home to Rancors and Nightsisters
Mos Eisley cantina (Bria Server), circa 2004
The plains of Corellia. The capital city, Coronet, looms in the distance.
Downtown Coronet, at the marketplace near the Medical Center.
Massive mining/harvesting operation on the flats of Tatooine, all player owned and operated. These kinds (and size) of farms were actually required to keep up with player resource demands.
That famous Bria chat spam! Outside the spaceport on Theed, Naboo.
Player-decorated housing. Many of the paintings were rare rewards.
Pre-CU New Wookiesburg, Lok on the Bria Server. All the buildings are player placed and owned.
A city mall at the height of the game's popularity. Vendors are player-placed, selling crafted goods in a common, shared space.