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GameZone (May 22, 2005)
While Jump to Lightspeed felt like more of the same only with different pictures, Rage of the Wookiees feels like something new. The end result is an expansion that is more than a step in the direction Star Wars fans have been waiting for, it is several steps to integrating the movie universe with the game universe. And that makes this an expansion worth having.
MikroBitti (Aug, 2005)
Ennen SWG oli peli, jossa kyvyt vaikuttivat hahmon tehokkuuteen, mutta eivät kestävyyteen ja aseita tai panssareita sai käyttää - huonosti - vaikka hahmolla ei olisikaan vaadittua kykyä. Jokainen pelaaja saattoi räätälöidä hahmonsa mieltymystensä mukaan. Uusittu järjestelmä nojaa kyvyillä kerättäviin tasoihin, tasoilla saataviin kestopisteisiin, liki pakollisiin ryhmiin ja muihin tusinaverkkopelien kliseisiin. EverQuestin ystävät ehkä tykkäävätkin, jahka loput bugit korjataan. Muut voivat vain surra omaperäisen pelijärjestelmän tasapäistyskuolemaa.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun 27, 2005)
Een interessante uitbreiding die Galaxies wel net eens datgene kan bieden dat het nodig heeft om boeiend te blijven.
IGN (May 13, 2005)
Though the content is engaging, Kashyyyk is, by design, a bit removed from the rest of the game. You'll still be doing the same sorts of things here that you'd be doing on other planets but Kashyyyk definitely has a flavor all its own. The smaller additions -- new mounts, cybernetics, etc. -- are appreciated but they're really incidental to the overall experience of finding your own role in the fight between the Wookiees and the Trandoshans or among the Rodian hunters off in the wilds. As far as the combat upgrade goes, there are some players who hate any kind of change and will rail against the new system no matter what benefits it brings. Personally, I think it has some good points and bad points. That may not be a brave or even controversial stance to take, but it's true. Some of the issues, like balancing experience rewards, can be solved with some fine-tuning. Other problems, like compensating for the investment players have made in their professions, can't be addressed so easily.
GameSpot (Jun 01, 2005)
Star Wars Galaxies isn't nearly as user-friendly as games like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, but its depth, or at least its complexity, is undoubtedly one of the things that will likely keep you playing for months and months once you've gotten the hang of it. If you're a fan of George Lucas' movies and you play well with others, then you could do a lot worse than to check out the much-improved Star Wars Galaxies.
GameSpy (Jul 20, 2005)
The bottom line, then, is that between the fundamental changes wrought by the combat upgrade and the new material in this expansion, Star Wars Galaxies is finally a decent, fun MMO. It may not matter, however, since there's little here to attract new players to the game, and there are far too many newer, shinier MMOs out there attracting attention.
SWG: Rage of the Wookiees is ook na deze nieuwe expansie een spel dat gebukt gaat onder concept- en schoonheidsfoutjes. Maar het spel is eveneens in de vorm van z'n leven, en ondanks een teruglopende bevolking een ervaring die je maanden, zoniet langer zal bezig houden.
PC Zone (Jul 27, 2005)
Not so long ago, in countless game industry gossip forums far, far away, a rumour started buzzing about the possible closure of Star Wars Galaxies as a whole due to LucasArts' displeasure with the way the game was being run, with George's boys planning to restart the whole thing themselves, making something much more Star Wars-y in the process. Although this has been denied left, right and centre, there's no denying that SWG is hardly in the best of health right now and something drastic needs to be done to restore balance to the force. Certainly something more than a simple expansion pack, that's for sure. Help us Lucas-Wan, you're our only hope.