Star Wars: Galaxies - Episode III Rage of the Wookiees Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Landing platform in Kachirho, and entry to the expansion
Space above Kashyyyk
Kachirho village
Kachirho's Great Tree rises overhead
Treetop platforms and houses
One of the many trails through the planet
Trandoshans are out to enslave the Wookies. Many of the quests revolve around this conflict.
These Wookiee freedom fighters don't take kindly to photographs.
Rodian clans are combing the planet as well, looking for a spirited hunt.
Wildlife and poachers are almost omnipresent across the planet.
Groups of Varactyl roam the planet. A deeded version was awarded as a mount to players who bought the expansion.
A clan of Wookies lives and works in the caverns.
Outside the Myyydril Caverns, a multi-level instanced dungeon.
Elite boss "N-K Necrosis." Any resemblance to General Grievous is purely intentional.
Great Tree in the Mysess Glade. A series of quests deals with healing the diseased forest.
First level of the Rryatt Trail instanced area. More dangerous as you go down.
The bottom level of the Rryatt Trail are the Shadowlands - mentioned in other Star Wars media, including KOTOR
The hunting grounds of Etyyy
Rodians are very active in Etyyy, and their clans offer competing quests.
The Trandoshan slaver base, Avatar Station (a high level dungeon), looms in the background. Its defense turrets shoot intruders on sight.