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Star Wars: Galaxies - Jump to Lightspeed Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Space ships garage.
Map of the Naboo space sector.
MandalMotors G1-M4-C "Dunelizard" Starfighter cockpit view
When you destroy enemy subsystem in will fall away from its ship.
Imperial space station – you can’t dock to it, but can say “hi”, of course if you not a Rebel Pilot.
Fight against Rebel X-Wing
The Sorosuub Luxury Yacht, a reward for purchasing JTL.
Flying over Tatooine
Yacht interior. Tatooine rolls by outside.
Yacht cockpit.
Jumping to lightspeed.
Corellia, seen from space
Space over Endor.
Another angle of the Endor moon.
Naboo on the right, its moon Rori on the left (both are locations in the land game)
Heavy asteroid field in the Karthakk system.
Planet Lok, in the Karthakk system.
Yavin IV
Dathomir - dangerous planet, dangerous system.
Dathomir looms outside.
Dantooine. The station here will take Rebels to the open PvP zones (Kessel or Deep Space)
KSE Firespray - the rarest (and arguably best) ship in JtL
Ithorian character, added with the expansion.
Sullustan character, also new with the expansion