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Star Wars: Galaxies - Starter Kit Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The tutorial/early levels have been redesigned and vastly expanded. The tutorial begins with you rescued by Han Solo himself.
An early firefight teaches you how to blast your way out of trouble.
The unknown station is destroyed by the Empire. You escape just in time.
Interior of the Falcon. Not out of the woods yet.
Han needs you to man the turrets while he and Chewie fix the hyperdrive.
All fixed and ready to go.
Off to the new player station!
Tansarii Point Station is a special instance for new players to learn more about their professions. Once you leave, you can't return.
Cantina on Tansarii. Players can skip this station altogether, but miss out on extra missions, credits, items, and the ability to start the main game at level 10.
Tansarii's lower levels hold plenty of low level thugs and malfunctioning droids to blast.
The Instant Travel Vehicle purchase reward. Imperials get a TIE Fighter.
Players who had unlocked Jedi "the hard way" (pre-NGE) can toggle that character to appear as a blue Force ghost.